FO: Twin Quilt 2

Twin Quilt 2 is done! 

It's the pattern that has become my standard for little babies, done in Connecting Threads charms and yardage with a couple other fabrics thrown in.  Charm squares in a 6x7 grid, white border, complementary fabric border.  I'm trying to adjust my buying to plan for this more in advance - the outside borders need a little more than a yard of fabric in order to not have to join (and match the pattern).  

Oh, look, a quick tutorial is happening.  

To match up these border fabrics, here's what I did:

First, I cut two portions of fabric that would together be long enough for the side border.  Then, I folded down a little more than 1/4" on the narrower fabric, and applied a little bit of glue along the folded down edge.  

Then I placed the fabric, folded side down, onto the fabric I was joining it to.  Then I pushed down on it reeeeaaaal hard.  

Then I carefully folded it up and pinned along the short edge.  I sewed right along the fold.  

Then I checked to make sure that the match was close enough that I didn't have to redo it, then trimmed the new seam down to about 1/4" and folded it open and pressed.  

It's not perfect, but it's hardly noticeable in the finished quilt, especially with all the horizontal quilting lines that cross the border.  

I also didn't buy enough of the backing fabric I'd originally planned for, so I turned to the stash and used these cute little seahorses instead. 


Here are the two finished quilts together.  Sometimes I have trouble getting finished objects to their recipients (on my shelf you'll find a scarf for the best boss ever, finished 11 months ago, as well as a baby blanket finished for a co-worker, whose baby is undoubtedly walking and possibly potty training by now.  To be fair, I don't see either of them on a regular basis), but I'm hellbent on getting these babies these quilts. 

Linking up with Finish it Up Friday at crazymomquilts.  Happy crafting!

Oh, look, some spinning, too:


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