FO: Woodland Baby Blanket

The Woodland Baby Blanket is finished!  Mom-to-be declared it a great match for the woodland-themed nursery (a happy coincidence).  

These are pre-washing pictures.  I used white thread to piece and then quilted with brown thread on the top and white on the bottom.  The complimentary colored squares were all from stash. 

Yes, I'm standing on the couch. 
A tiny bit of yellow showed on the left and not the right of the expander strip.  Good thing I'm not OCD. 

And post-washing, with daylight and small helping hands:

I quilted straight lines along the edges of the horizontal brown sashing and then around the other sides of the squares, just lifting the needle up and moving to the next row down.  Then I cut all the connecting threads and buried the ends and there were 19 squares x 4 corners and 12 squares x 2 corners + am I seriously still working on this + am I SERIOUSLY still working on this = maybe I should have just backtracked a couple of times and called it good, but it turns out I can't because maybe I am actually a little tiny bit OCD, despite aforementioned captions to the contrary. 

Anyway, I think the ends-burying took longer than the actual quilting, which was annoying.  I switched to a larger-eye needle after the first evening of ends-burying, which helped a lot.  

Woodland Baby Blanket
Finished Size: 45"ish x 37"ish (forgot to measure)
Batting: Hobbs cotton
Thread: C&C poly

In other news, we hit the Sheep & Wool fest last weekend and I used up some of my precious spending money on some pretty darn plain-looking wool yarn, sheep-colored. 

But the possibilities for colorwork that these represent are very exciting indeed.   I've got a bug to knit little colorwork mittens for the little hands in my house with winter coming up, and I was feeling a cold little foot this morning and then got a second bug to knit a parade of little wool socks, too.  If only every day were sit-around-and-make-stuff day.  

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Happy crafting!