Sweater the Second

I am working on Wicked in some Twisted, colorway Lunasea, which my mom got me for my birthday a few years ago.

While I like how the fit is coming out, and it's doing lovely-ly non-pooling things, I just feel like I'm going to run out of yarn. I'm horrible at eyeballing these things, but also have the bad habit of using denial as a handy tool to keep knitting when I really, really shouldn't. I can make the sleeves really short and leave off the kangaroo pocket (though I love kangaroo pockets) and maybe have enough.

I guess my next step here is to frog back to where I stopped decreasing and throw in a few more decrease rounds, which would help the fit a little and give me some more yarn to work with. But that involves finding a safety pin to mark the center with before I start frogging, and that hasn't really happened yet.

More gift yarn is at work here:

This is Firebird STR lightweight, pressed into service in a seed stitch scarf. CO 42 sts, slip the first st of every row, knit until you run out of yarn.

Firebird has got to be my most favorite-est colorway EVER. And I don't toss these designations around lightly. In the skein, I liked the light orange and light electric purple parts the absolute best, but knit up I like all of the colors, especially together. There's an electric red in there too, and wow, I am so happy when that comes up. I'm a bit burned out on socks at the moment, and didn't really want to hide this gorgeous yarn under shoes and pants, so the scarf was an obvious choice.

Looking at the blue moon page, there doesn't seem to even be any purple in that skein. Although the light is not nearly as good, here's my Rav stash picture of it. Glory be.

Oh yes, and I finally finished Ufserud.

And a closeup:

Blocking really does make a difference, thank goodness.

So, yo, happy Valentine's Day, and happy knitting!