FO: Spinning Wheel Quilt

Last weekend I got the spinning wheel quilt back from the quilter.

At the fabric shop, I chose an orange that was right in the middle of the yellow-red range used in the quilt for the binding.  I did a 2" double fold binding and decided, due to a quick turnaround needed, to do my very first machine finish. It wasn't perfect, but it wasn't noticeably horrible, so hooray for a quick solution.  People say it's more durable than hand-sewn bindings, but I've never had a problem with my hand-sewn ones.  Maybe after a couple of decades it makes a difference. 

Most of the points at the edge of the quilt came out pretty well. 

Here's the back, with a white-on-cream swirly flower sort of print. 

A full shot:

Pictures over the edge of the deck yielded a casualty - a little tiny snag, which I appliqued a patch over.  Can you see it? 

And the only shot I took after its first wash, when it got super crinkly and snuggly. 

Even though the colors aren't really my deal, I was sad to see it go.  On the other hand, I was very, very happy to get this little guy:

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Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

I'm dying to know where and how you got that little guy!

Plus I love the quilt. Sorry about the snag, but the patch doesn't show and the quilt is beautiful enough that no one ever notice. Great finish!