Above is an early shot, taken in some nice sunlight.

This is mid/post-felting (I ran it through the wash three times, and still have work to do by hand on the garter-stitch strap and a little extra piece that will be a cellphone pocket). The matching fabric is for strap-reinforcement, although I'm not sure it will be necessary. The lighter pink batik-y looking fabric is for the inside lining (still have to figure out how to make inside pockets - it will likely involve some quilt batting). The mauve and purple yarns are for needlefelting flower designs on the outside.

This purse project is for my mom, who picked out and bought the yarn. At the yarn store, we saw big felted totes with felted flowers attached, and she wanted me to make her one. Over time, it evolved into making a smaller purse structured basically like her Vera Bradley one, with flower designs needle-felted directly onto the body.

There have been no major disasters so far (knock on wood), but I've never really lined much of anything before, or really needle-felted. So we'll see.

Hand knitted gift

I have been busy, relatively speaking! Above are three scarves. From left to right, they are (1) Basketweave for brother, (2) Misty Alpaca Chunky Eve's Rib Scarf for Rx Boss, and (3) Modified Misty Alpaca Chunky Eve's Rib Scarf for me.

As I mentioned before, the Basketweave scarf is from SnB Nation. It took a long time, with tiny bits of knitting here and there, but I'm very happy with it and think Bro. will like it. It was knit out of Plymouth Encore black, on size 8 needles that came with the learn-to-knit kit Mom and I bought several years ago.

The second two scarves are made out of the most unbelievable alpaca yarn. I've liked alpaca since I bought some of Misty International's sport weight, but when the lady in the yarn store invited me to pet the chunky weight yarn, it was over. They had a nice shade of teal similar to what I'd had in mind for my boss's scarf, and a lovely and free pattern on their website that only called for one skein. So, back to the store I went to exchange the extra skein for the nice navy/navy, and made one for myself. Each one took less than 24 hours.