Nadia's Broken Rib Scarf

Today it was 89F, and I finished my scarf!

Yarn: Nadia, by Adrienne Vittadini; 2 skeins
Pattern: Broken Rib (changed direction of rib over three rows)
Needles: US 10, Brittany double-points (because these are the only 10s I have)

This scarf was made with the first (or second, I can't remember) Real Yarn Store purchase I ever made. (It's been in the stash for years. It's said to many a yarn, "I've been sitting in this tupperware container since you were still part of a sheep.") Once I found the right size needle and number to cast on, it was quick and easy, but it took a frogging or two to get there. On 9s, the fabric didn't want to lay flat. It's still got a tiny bit of curve at the ends, but it's not nearly as noticeable.

I really like how the broken rib pattern accentuates the thick-thin nature of the fabric. The texture is made interesting by the patches of thin-thin, thin-thick, and thick-thick combinations.


Test post

how many times have i written the words "test post" in the last three days?