Baby Quilt Bonanza

Seems that a couple of the quilting blogs I follow regularly-ish have fallen off.  I suppose it would seem that mine has, too.  For right now, that's because quilting has fallen off.  Not by my choice, and once the new shape of everything is solidified, it will probably pick back up.  We are shifting big pieces of things around (jobs, school, schedules, everything) and right now the only thing I have energy for during quilting/spinning time has been listening to music and running up my losing streak record at Free Cell.  (Nineteen.  Nineteen.) 

BUT.  I've finished a skein of yarn and two baby quilts, and I managed to take pictures of them before they were given.  The next quilting deadline is in about a month, and I don't really have the fabric I need, and I really don't have the money to get the fabric (see above re: massive shifting), so fingers crossed that all will fall into place soon.  I've sewn bindings on planes, but never with kids along, so hope to avoid that.  

Baby Quilt #1 (actually #3):

Mostly Connecting Threads Squirrel Park charms, Squirrel Park border, Connecting Threads yardage for backing.  

The back, with its little vintage bunny:

I don't feel like fighting with Blogger about where my pictures go, so here is the finished yarn I was talking about:

Polwarth fiber, dyed in True Blood Red from BMFA from a while ago.  There are associated numbers (ounces, yards, whatnot) but if I try to find them right now I'm sure I'll wander off and not come back to the blog for a month.  I had been planning on posting this for sale on Etsy, but then Etsy demanded my bank account information, and I'm not sure that Etsy and I are far along enough in our relationship for that sort of sharing.  Anyway, this is laceweight, over 600 yards if I remember correctly.  I will probably take the plunge with Etsy at some point, and if you're dying to give me money in order to get this yarn, let me know and I'll scootch that item up my to-do list. 

Baby Quilt #2 (actually #2):

This quilt is for a little baby boy.  I've knit baby boy blankets before but have never made a baby boy quilt before.  Blankets strike me as so much easier than baby boy quilts.  So many more decisions have to be made for a quilt.  No, let me rephrase that: the same decision has to be made eleventy-seventy times, namely: is this boyish enough?  Is this boyish enough?  Is this boyish enough?  

If you do not think this is boyish enough, please do not tell me that.  This is a mix of fabrics, some grays from a FQ set from some designer or another, I think it was Moda (I know, I know, stop with so many helpful and specific details, orooni) that I used for the Block O-hio quilt, plus lots of Connecting Threads.  Plus random-birds.  Plus old Hawthorne Threads stuff.  Boyish stuff.  Yeah. 

The boy quilt, reclining casually

 And finally, vintage munching bunny:

Is that bunny boyish enough? 
I'm just going to keep going, because it seems dangerous to stop at this point.  

Oh shit, is this really ugly? 

This work in progress is way more impressive than the next baby quilt (another boy one, with 11 of 42 squares up on the wall) so far, so here are the 59 squares I have for the Must Applique Now Quilt.  How many do I need?  Dunno.  More.  Am repeating background fabrics, not focus fabrics, so far.  

Hlkjasfdklj.  I hope your summer has been more productive than mine.  

Happy crafting!