Hooray for Crochet! Partly because that rhymes, and partly because it's awesome.

So me and a couple buddies learned how to crochet yesterday. I've just gone through the rigmarole of photographing and posting my socks, so I won't show you my O HAI IM A NOOB swatch, but it is cute and awesome and I am proud of it. I also went on a queueing amigurumi projects tear this morning, and you really really should check out the projects tagged with "amigurumi" on Ravelry. WOW.

I seem to have added yet another job to the schedule, which blows my plans for Summer of Socks all to hell*. I'll keep my goal of finishing at least (ahahaha) a pair of socks every two weeks, to be eligible for those drawings, because winning sockyarn represents about 70% of my sockyarn acquiring possibilities these days. But finishing a pair every two weeks just got more difficult.

Here is Maizy in Wendy's Summer of Socks 08 pattern:

Going good so far, but the ssks are annoyingly easy to split the yarn on.

Did I show you these?

Monkabiddies, I love them.

Flickr embed!

2008 6-8-08 013

Did it work? These are the Earl Grays that it took me forever and ever to finish. And of course I way overshot the second toe and could have finished them much sooner if I avoided knitting and then frogging an extra inch and a half. Other seems to like them and doesn't seem to have keeled over from an allergic reaction to the wool content: double win!

And finally, in contrast, the fastest socks ever:

2008 6-8-08 009

Sportweight. My secret weapon in SoS 08. Now if I can avoid finishing the two socks 10 months apart, we'll be in good shape.

*but it does wonders for my "eating and being in graduate school at the same time" plans, which I will grudgingly admit may take precedence here


exacerbating sleep deprivation to remedy yarn and sock deprivation

I have been in distant lands, exploring the deep mysteries of the evening shift and conquering WIPs at every turn, except for my sweater's sleeves, which turned out to be completely the wrong shape and it may have had a lot in fact to do with the fact that I put the word "each" in the wrong place in the sentence and lo 90 rows of sweater sleeve later, in a few-minute break between training sessions, a little tiny slip of time that is not nearly enough to behold the fact that you've just completely effed both the sleeves and the plan to have the whole shebang seamed and steamed and ready mere hours after summer of socks 2008 started, it was exactly that that I had to behold, which really really sucked.

Socks. FOs. Maybe some crochet. These are the things that I will tell you about when I remember how to end sentences and fix on the sock knitting, which I have missed terribly.