Baby + Blanket

She likes it!  Of course, it helps that she's at an age that she likes just about anything that she can cram in her mouth and has not yet discovered that she can express color preferences, so I figure I'll enjoy this while I can.  This quilt is cheery and a nice size, and it doesn't match the beautiful nursery my family help me put together the least bit, not even with the biggest stretch of imagination. 

Okay, let's see, what else.  I finished socks!   Here they are! 

They are lovely, they fit, and I'm sure they'll be nice and snuggly warm when the time comes for them.  (I WIN, SOCKS, HAHAHAHAHAHA.) 

And then, oh, ha, this is funny.  You know how I have pretty much no time, what with the job and the baby and meeting the basic necessities of living what's considered a civilized life these days?  Well, I thought that this would be the opportune time to commit myself to the 26 Pair Plunge.  This is as opposed to the 52 Pair Plunge (a pair of socks a week for a year).  See?  Sane!  In comparison. 

It started 7/1/12, so I'm actually kind of on-track-ish, having just finished my third pair of socks.  Observe:

These are Hedgerow Socks, which have been in my queue since 2007.  They are made with yarn that's been in my stash on Ravelry since August, 2007 and thus likely even longer than that, considering that that's the month I joined Rav. (It's Fleece Artist in Sea Wool, colorway Melon, although it's the lightest Melon I've ever seen - others look much darker.) 

Game plan for the remaining 23 pairs involves more pretty simple rib patterns, ancient stash yarn, and then, if necessary, finishing pairs-in-progress that have been abandoned for various reasons, and then, if true desperation sets in, baby socks. 

And one more thing.  I spent my glorious Birthday Me-Time making a little tag blankie for the babe: 

I threw everything I had at this thing, and it turned out pretty well.  (That's faux-Minky, terrycloth, some batik, yarn, and several different kinds of ribbon and blanket edging.)   It's backed with a blue plaid from a pair of pajama pants I had and loved in high school (packrat stash for the win!).  If I ever get to see my sewing machine again, I might make a couple more to put in my Etsy shop. 

Okay, baby's hungry, I'm out!