bad impulses

Halloo! Greetings from the Enchanted Land of Secret Knitting. Soon enough (though it's been so long it feels like never) I will be able to show you some things that I've pried off the needles recently. (This also means: Mom, time to go stand by the mailbox.)

Let's focus for now on the Land of Relatively Exciting Recent Developments. Exhibit A: Juno Regina.

2010 4-3 006

This shawl/stole/wrap/lump o' lace is a bit longer than pictured here, after many days of train knitting and train frogging/tinking. Although the entire middle section is a dead simple 2-row repeat (one of which is a purl row), I have made two or three mistakes that resulted in the frogging of inches and inches of knitting. I count it a success if I get through a session and stop farther in the ball than where I started, and I do not always succeed. A quick look at the ball now indicates that the last session involved massive failure.

Despite my two-steps-forward-one-step-back progress, I have a new resolve to concentrate and carefully inspect every row before going forward, and it is growing, slowly.

It is my second shawl for 10 Shawls in 2010, and it's almost June, which, when subjected to cold reason, does not seem to bode well. Also, the sheer will that it's taking to write this post rather than winding yarn and casting on for Icarus is probably another bad sign. Even worse: I just did an advanced pattern search for blankets in laceweight.

Blankets. In laceweight.

I'm actually counting that a victory because it only came to favoriting and queueing, rather than scrapping the Icarus idea, winding the laceweight, and hunting down my 60" size 6 circs.

Speaking of things I probably shouldn't cast on, I've cast on for Snickets:

2010 5-27

I've zipped through the first repeat and a half of the cuff, interpreting the pattern in a way that yields a sock like the picture but that does not seem to be strictly accurate. There is some kind of wonkiness with the first and last stitches of the round to stay in pattern. Whatever, I'm just doing what it seems like one would do. It's working so far.

Finishing stuff is important for morale, though, so I've talked myself out of starting Icarus for now. Plus now I'm not really sure I want to blow all that laceweight on a shawl instead of a blanket.