Pouch, Bag, Wall Thing

A pouch!

 Mom needed pouches for travel.  I gathered up some old knitted pouches and decided to employ some of the bitty piecing to make a nice shiny new quilted pouch to surprise her with.  

Hello, I am a pouch. 
The pouch has two sides!  This is one of them!
My process was: make a square-ish piece of fabric.  Make another one really close to the same size.  Quilt fabric and batting together.  Make pouch using normal pouch construction sewing fabric, zipper, and lining together and then lining-to-lining and outside-to-outside and then turning through a turning hole in the lining.  

Here is the other side of the pouch! 
Contrast zipper because that is the zipper I had in the right length.  Mailed it without taking any kind of measurements, though you can get a general idea from the happy accident that I photographed it sitting on top of a 9.5" square ruler. 

A bag!

On a family hike, I realized that kiddo needs a bag to collect rocks in, because one needs rocks to throw into streams and rivers and once you've visited a stream or river enough, there are few remaining rocks at hand.  So I consulted the fuzzy bag-ish thoughts in my head and drew up a template and started working.  This is the only picture I have of it so far, and I'm stalled trying to figure out if I'm going to make a strap out of quilted gray material or go with some nylon webbing.  I don't have any nylon webbing, at least none that isn't being used by another bag at the moment, so the bag sits while I think.  

Oh yeah, I put in my first slit pocket zipper and whoo, that did not go well!  It's a hot mess, but I don't have a zipper foot and it's on the back and it's for a three-year-old, so we're going with it.  

A Wall Thing!

I have needed a wall bill/mail holder/organizer thing for a long time. It finally occurred to me that I can make one.  Oh yeah, I make stuff!  Googled for a tutorial, voila, I've heard of noodlehead, she has a tutorial, I have slightly fewer than half of the called-for materials, let's go!  

To be specific, I have a canvas (the wrong size, my Wall Thing will be one-pocket) and fabric.  Oh, and interfacing, although I feel like a stranger in a strange land when it comes to interfacing, never sure which interfacing is the right interfacing, not sure exactly how to use it, and pretty sure I'm going to ruin my iron and possibly my life if I do it wrong. 

My long-thwarted desire for a Wall Thing will outweigh my long-held distrust of interfacing, though, and I plan to learn things and hopefully not cry too many times and maybe find a stapler, the nice kind that swings open and actually holds stuff together, so that this whole project isn't dependent on Mod Podge.  We'll see.  

Happy crafting!