Oh hi

My rabid and dedicated fan base has pointed out to me that I haven't posted here in a good long time, so here I am!

I have made socks:


Pair #100!
Child size!

I have made yarn:

First Navajo-plied, about worsted weight


Superwash merino/Nylon

I love my wheel precisely as much as I thought I would.  I love spinning and I love handspun.  Details for most of these are on Ravelry.  The last blue one will be a 2-ply, and I just finished this recently, so it will sit for a bit before I ply it. 

I made a quilt:

This was pure expedience - the entryway of my office building is dreary and drab, so this is just something to look at.  My quilting mojo is nowhere to be found, so I did an image search, came up with something that looked doable, and did it.  Whiz-bang. 

I tried out a new finish on the binding - it's a machine finish, with a fancy stitch.  I used white thread on the white parts of the blocks and a teal thread on the colorful parts, including to finish the binding. 

I'm also in the process of making a baby quilt, for a baby who was born, um, about two weeks ago.  After dragging my feet on the design for ages, I scrapped the whole plan and went with a simple warm/orangey palette plan and the top is done and I have batting that fits and the only possible backing is blue.  Which isn't ugly or horrifying, it just doesn't fit the whole feel of the quilt at all, and I'm trying to decide if I care.  As I wait to come to this decision, away I spin on the next thing.  

Happy crafting!