FO: Adventure Baby quilt

Just by the deadline (hop on a plane tomorrow), we have a finished baby quilt:

Navy and neutrals was the requested palette, and the nursery will have an adventure theme.  The best adventure map fabric I could find was this one, which rather unfortunately is quilting-themed.  It's a quilt, so that's kind of okay, but it's a lot about making quilts (pins, thimbles, sewing machines, etc) but there are also boats and compasses and old-fashioned-y map stuff, so I went with it.  Kid won't be able to read it for a while.  

For this quilt, I went with a dark inner border and a lighter outer border.  Can't explain that design decision in words, it was just a feeling that I had. 

Connecting Threads had a neutral line that I bought a single charm pack of, and now I'm really wishing I'd gotten more.  There is more to see close-up.  I had to dig deep to get a range of fabrics, and bumped the maximum number of duplicate patches up to three, rather than the normal two.  A birthday gift certificate helped with the border fabrics and some of the patches. 

And, finally, the boyish-est bunny in the bunny stable (warren?)  

In other news, my birthday was incredibly fiber-packed, which is very exciting.  

Can't wait to get back to my wheel some.  There are two more baby blankets on the list, and I don't know yet if they will be for boys or girls.  I've got a stack of girl fabrics to work on, and one of the incoming babies has a sister who never got a quilt the first time around, so I'll probably work on that one next.  

Happy crafting!