I finished up the Koala Quilt I'd been working on:

And thanks to some sleuthing on my Mom's part, I now have a ton more koala fabric, which means lots of these little quilts in the future.  It's flipping adorable, with a great color palette and a nice scale for borders.   (It's "Koala Baby" by Maria Kalinowski for Kanvas, specifically "Koala's [sic] in Trees-C 8681.") 

I dug out some of my favorite greens for this one.  

It's posted in my Etsy shop, and I've got backing and borders for the next koala quilt ready to go. 

I picked up the purple and green quilt again, which, checking the blog, I see that I got discouraged about it because I wanted it big and didn't have the uumph to do it.  Well, I'm aiming for full-sized and have 20 squares finished, as well as fabric for borders ready to go.  Here's what my craft area looked like:

Happy crafting!