Knitting Underground

Heyyo. Sorry for the radio silence, it's just that you're not going to hear about a lot of what my needles have been up to until about Dec. 26. That's right, I'm pretty on track for my Christmas knitting. Also, my computer monitor is on its way out after many years of dedicated and non-seasickness-inducing service. It has good hours and bad hours, and the bad hours are starting to seem like they might actually cause seizures, and wanting to post pictures of your knitting doesn't seem like a good reason to risk a brain disorder. I'll see if I can catch it on a good hour, though, and post pics of my new sweater (which can be found on Ravelry if your curiosity is insatiable). I owe my new cowl a love letter post as well, so I'll see if I can't get on that.

Right now I'm using Other's computer, to write a paper actually (hi!), so I should get back to that. Grumble.