FO: 12 Hundred Quilt

Finished this little one last weekend.  Here it is fresh out of the dryer: 

 Here it is right after finishing up the binding, and before its wash: 

And the back, made of a bigger piece of fabric bought specifically for backing, plus some scraps:

And finally, the 100 square close up: 

I'll take this next week to the place I made it for.  They are celebrating a centennial with an art show around the theme of "100."  Hope they like it - it's a bit weird, with the contrast between color and b&w, and the asymmetrical layout.  

Linking up with Finish it Up Friday at crazymomquilts.  Happy crafting!


WIP: True Blood and 100 Quilt

Oh, and a little teeny tiny FO:

 A leetle zipper pouch.  Done from a tutorial at aspoonfulofsugardesigns.  

That is scraps of fabric and batting and a 4" black zipper.   

Today I finished quilting the 100 Quilt:  

I used my free-motion foot and made up a sort of beaded-cord-with-echoes quilting pattern, which really only shows up at all on the blackest square.   Being 30"-ish by 40"-ish, it went really fast. 

Now to cut and bind.  

I've picked up spinning again - there was one night that I was so tired that I couldn't think of anything other to do than spin.  

BMFA Polwarth in "True Blood Red"
And speaking of blood, last Friday I was cutting the new fabric that had come to finish up the 100 top and I sank my rotary cutter right into the tip of my left index finger.  Boy, did that hurt.  It was about 11:20 pm, and I went to the ER and ended up leaving around 1:30 am without even seeing a doctor, because it seemed like it wouldn't need stitches.  It was shallow but wide and long, if that makes any sense. and I thought it was swollen but after a week of healing I'm now thinking that my finger's just going to have a slightly different shape than it used to.  Anyway, PSA:


Finally, a picture of the 100 quilt when it was being all intriguing in the evening light:

Happy crafting!  Watch out for those rotary blades! 


Progress Post: 100

The quilt I'm working on now is for a centennial celebration for a local organization.  They're asking for any artwork on the theme of "100."  I kicked this around in my head for a long time before the design appeared, nearly fully-formed.  

I've ordered two more fabrics that will go in, but here's how it's looking right now:

There are 100 different fabrics in the colorful block.  At first I was worried that I may not have enough individual fabrics to do 100 squares without repeating, but... yeah, that wasn't a problem.  The little squares finish at 1", and not wanting to piece all that traditionally, I took a look at something that had stuck with me for a long time: this tutorial on using fusible interfacing to quick-piece little squares.  I didn't have interfacing and was looking for something that would be less rigid, so I worked with a piece of muslin and a glue stick. 

First rows
That worked just fine, although it's also pretty rigid.  This likely won't be a problem, because it will probably be used only as a wallhanging.  It may soften up after the glue washes out, too.  After the first row, I learned to leave the tiniest sliver of daylight between rows to allow for folding.  Not sure yet how I'm going to quilt it.  Maybe diagonal lines, I do love a good crosshatch.  

Happy crafting!