Nearly there

As luck would have it, I have enough navy bias binding from the last tumbler quilt to bind the whole Red Tumbler. 

Occasionally there is an upside to being a pack rat playing a long game.  

Luck would also have it that on the day of the deadline, I have three hours unscheduled this week due to alternating-week stuff getting messed up.  Worst case scenario, I spend those hours finishing up the hand sewing of the binding.  

As for tonight, I hope to finish the quilting - one more horizontal seam to do (5 rows of quilting) and then along all four edges, two lines each.  I may get it done before bed, I may not.  

Happy crafting!


Better late than later

I finished a scarf!

Before blocking:

I was smart, over four years ago, to knit the second end first and then set it aside for grafting - no worrying about guessing how much yarn I'd need, and when I felt done I was actually close to being done. 

Blocking worked wonders and it's plenty long enough now.  

The pattern is Kernel, from Knitty.  

Yarn is Malabrigo sock in Solis, purchased way back in 2009.  I originally started it before my second child was born in 2014, hoping to get it done before she was born.  Then I didn't, and I'd pick it up here and there on long car rides, which had become much fewer and further between.  And then a few weeks ago, I decided to get it done and zoomed through the last couple of repeats. 

Quilting/art quilting mojo has pretty much returned - I started a thing:  

The working title is "hand-dyed with circles."  I may come up with something better.  

Right now I'm making a bunch of circles in various ways.  Thread, beads, applique.  The big circle, visible in the top picture, is from a quilting hoop.  I kind of like it, and may quilt along it, but it does change the whole look of things.  Generally I've been adding one thing per day - a set of stitches or beads - and I'll keep trying to do that until it feels done.  I'm also thinking about finishing techniques for the edges.  Will probably not do a traditional binding, but I'm not sure what I'll do instead.  

The big push right now, though, is to get this twin-sized quilt finished asap.  I set it aside with the top rows finished but not sewn to each other and the backing still in many pieces.  Now it's basted and there are some quilting lines finished.  This is the same pattern (plan, there's no real pattern) as the orange twin tumbler I made several years ago, which calls for five lines of quilting at each seam. 

Six down, a bazillion to go.  Urgh, I just did the math and I'm going to have to seriously up my average if I want the quilting done by the middle of next week.  And then there's the binding...  

Happy crafting!