Uhhhh... hi.

Hey!  I'm not dead!  I am in fact, the opposite, filled with life both in that my body remains animate for now and I'm also pregnant. 

Yeah!  So, there's that, which ate all of my knitting energy, most of my working energy, and a good portion of my being-awake energy for a good 3 1/2 months there.  Blogging energy was apparently the first to go, which might be good because my posts would mainly have consisted of the word "BLUHHHH" over and over again. 

And!  I took up spinning!  Spinning happened some, for a while, but then got put down for yet another move, the fourth in four years (this has got to stop), and right now I can hardly stand up because my left thigh has essentially given out after walking up and down flights of stairs elebenty thousand times over the last three days.  (Right thigh is fine - I don't really understand that.) 

My camera died yesterday, as I was trying to take pictures of the sparkly gloriousness that is the apartment we moved out of and cleaned within an inch of its life.  So, you can't see the sock that is sapping my will to ever use Noro yarn again (it's Silk Garden Sock, and I truly hate it, pretty colors be damned).  But here's a picture of my second spinning attempt, which I took a while ago:

My output's gotten a lot thinner than this, and a bit more regular, although it's nowhere close to actually being uniform. 

So.  Here I am to say that I'm back, but without pictures and with one measly sock that's taking a million forevers because the yarn is evil.  Yay!