Bag of cement!!

That's a German swear that in English is not really so scandalous.  Rav taught it to me.  (We're working on curbing language that could get us unhappy phonecalls from teachers in the near future.) 

Why am I reduced to shouting nonsense on what was supposed to be My Glorious Day Off of Peace and Productivity?  Well, Dear Sweet Baby Destructor is safely tucked away at daycare, I have two long blocks of time to myself, and I immediately settled in to work on the second sock of a pair that has been an agonizing struggle since its beginning.  I resigned myself to finishing the socks and put my head down and have used almost every second of evenings, after Destructor is asleep and we're watching DVR'ed episodes of the Nerd Show,* to work on them.  Today was going to be wonderful, because I was finally going to stick a fork in them, and then present them, finished and whole, to my mom, who will be here at the end of the week.  I grudgingly realized that there was one more pattern repeat to go until the toe, and then finished it.  Chariots of Fire swelled in the background as I prepared to start the toe and free myself from these blessed hellbeasts.  Cleverly saving myself the pain of realizing after finishing the toe that I'd left out a repeat, I held the second sock up to the finished one and realized that lo, I was missing a repeat. 

In the %^#*4@(!&8^$#(*%#@!$T%^7 bag of cement cuff. 


*The Big Bang Theory.  We don't call anything by its proper name in this house. 


Time has passed!

And so the time that I remember that I have a blog has come again.  I finished my Citron:

I did also block it, but didn't get a picture of that.  Just imagine it a bit bigger and flatter, you'll have the idea.   I used KnitPicks Chroma in fingering weight, Midwinter colorway, and, as a single, it was very much like the Malabrigo laceweight the pattern calls for.  People complain that the Mal felts if you even think about it too hard, but I've had good luck with it and really like it. 

Sockyarn Blankie continues to grow, with over 100 squares.  Triumphantly, I found the yarn I'd been looking for when I remembered starting a square with it and sticking it into a purse I'd since stopped using.  

Christmas happened, and my net loss of sockyarn stash was gloriously wiped out in one crazy swoop.  (Thanks, Mom!) I didn't get a group shot of everything, but here's a group shot of a future chevron crochet blanket for Baby to basically match her Bliss quilt: 

Here are some Christmas socks for Mom - Embossed Stitch from More Sensational Knitted Socks in Knit Picks Stroll, Barn Red, which I got on sale because the color's discontinued. 

And here are some others, Crusoe in Claudia's Handpaint fingering, colorway Spring Break.  The toes are Smooshy, so that I'd be sure to have enough of the Spring Break for a blankie square.  Baby's sleeping through the night-ish, so all cylinders are back to firing-ish.  

Well, the baby is punching me in the face, which must mean it's time to sign off.  Happy knitting!