Let's just go ahead and re-name it Yarnday.

Instead of tending my knitting blog, I have been off gallivanting around and experiencing some Major! Life! Changes! recently, the least of which was a milestone birthday for which I, in what is becoming a tradition, received a honking pile of gorgeous yarn.

2010 8-1 011

I'm practically jealous of myself.

That's two Zauberball Lace skeins in the middle, Brombereen on the left and Fuchsienbeet on the right. Then on the far left is Malabrigo Lace in Water Green, three skeins. Above that is Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in Strawberry Lemonade, and immediately below that is Noro Kureyon Sock, colorway 219. On the far right is River Twist from Mountain Colors, colorway Whitewater River. Below the Zauberballs is a skein of Malabrigo Twist in Indecita, and below that is Socks that Rock Silkie in ST-1.

2010 8-1 030

Ah, and here it is again, the cheeky vamp. This was discovered on a trip to WEBS, and it was a shock, because if I'd known that WEBS stocked STR, I wouldn't have kept away for so long. Wonder when that happened.

I went a little crazy taking pictures of the Hazel Knits, too:

2010 8-1 023

Doesn't that look good enough to eat? I've got ideas for every skein except this one -- what could possibly be worthy of such gorgeous color? I've got to think of something that I will use every day, no matter the weather. And that will not be exposed to direct sunlight and that won't be subject to too much wear, so that it lasts forever.

I'm also excited about this little gift:

2010 8-1 039

that I suspect will take stockinette sock knitting to whole new levels of speed.

The problem with this glorious bounty is that I want to cast on every single skein NOW NOW NOW, but there's plenty on the needles already that needs attention. For instance, there's Ms. Shawl:

2010 6-26 001

who is just now ready to start on Chart 2, the first of the edging charts. Of course I read the note about how to eliminate repeats of the main section *after* completing the entire repeat I intended to make the last, and of course you're supposed to stop a little early so that the numbers match up for Chart 2. Doh. So that's all frogged and back on the needles and ready to go again.

Then there are two SIPs:

2010 8-1 037

and Gentleman's Shooting Socks (for Other):
2010 8-1 040

Oh, and hey, last time I was here, I promised lots of FO shots of socks, so here they are:

Sock Knitters Anonymous May 2010 Mystery Socks, by Cookie A
2010 6-5 009

Classic Elite Summer Socks Solid, colorway Aster, 3 balls

Acorn Socks
2010 6-5 004

Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock Candy, colorway Chocolate, 2 balls

Pyroclastic Socks
2010 6-16 004

Sunshine Yarns Soft Sock, colorway Grassroots Overdye

And a bad flashy shot of Snicket
2010 6-30 001

Koigu PM, colorway 1115.