Wham Bam Thank You Frog

After focusing my crafting time exclusively on this guy for about a week and a half, he's done:

The co-teacher who this is not for said: sage green, frog theme.  So if this didn't hit the mark, well, then, it wasn't gonna happen. 

It's back to quilting, then - mini quilts now, as I anticipate Columbus Day, one of those rare days that childcare is open but my workplace is not.  I've got a date with the dining room floor and the orangest quilt in the history of human civilization for a basting party. 

Pictured here is Spotted Guy with his mini quilt from leftover mini tumblers.  Spotted Guy has champagne tastes and an I'm-a-stuffed-animal budget, and he doesn't actually understand much about quilting, either, so I've explained to him about four times that thread count isn't really A Thing with handmade quilts.  I'm not telling him he's getting leftover Hobbs batting, rather than the fancy wool stuff in the big quilt, because I seriously don't even want to hear about it. 

Happy crafting! 


Purple and green

My next big project will be purple, green, black, and white.

The Weathervane quilt at Patch the Giraffe (scroll down) has been on my mind, but then I came across the Jewel Box/Buckeye Beauty pattern, and I thought that might work better with purple and green being the two main colors. 

Someday I'll sketch out some possibilities for this one, but right now I'm in the middle of banging out a baby blanket for one of my kiddo's wonderful childcare providers, who's due in a few weeks.  When I get a spare few minutes, I pick up my spinning:

because I like it and because finishing that hand quilted thing inspired me to pick up more utterly endless projects. 

Happy crafting!