Wicked Done

So. This is Wicked:

2009 9-7 001

Started: Aug 22
Finished: Sept 6
Yarn: STR Twisted in Turquoise, just under 1 1/2 skeins
Pattern: Wicked, by Zephyr Style

2009 9-7 004

I was very happy to cast it on. And knit it. And finish it. But even after frogging it about halfway through and starting it again, the neck/chest is just too big, and I probably won't wear it. (That's a risk I understood going into the whole sweater-making endeavor -- I'm incredibly picky about what I leave the house in, even though probably nobody would guess by looking at me.) (Also... It seems to me like the Wicked silhouette is one that can be pulled off by a portion of the population that does not include people shaped like me.)

So, meh, whatever, it was really fun and I still love the yarn. So about three seconds pass after the photo shoot and I notice the still-big ball of leftover turquoise yarn. About two seconds after that, I start scheming. Just Enough Ruffles? A little shrug? Is that maybe enough for another sweater? (No.) Hmmmmmm.

Around the same time, I start my Christmas knitting* and the whole issue becomes moot. There the nice turquoise yarn sits.

With the passing time, and with each morning the decision not to wear Wicked occurring, my perception is changing. It's looking less like a sweater and more like an excellent source of some really awesome yarn that I could use to make a sweater!


Flair? Varese Hoodie? Lost in the Woods Hoodie? Probably I'd ditch the hood on either of the last two.

Does this make me a process knitter? I never thought I'd see the day. And maybe the fact that I want desperately to be wearing whatever new sweater comes out of this RIGHT NOW means that I'm still not -- I can just let go of a project more than I used to be able to.

*Mom, changed my mind. Fun fur 1/10th scale dinosaur is too big a commitment at this point. Will make you an intarsia steering wheel cover/gearshift cover/dashboard cozy instead. Don't despair, though, there will still be fun fur. Also, how do you feel about mushroom motifs?


What the note doesn't say is that even if you do, your family will be cursed with wool allergies for the next six hundred years.

So up until today, I was the picture of patience. Ordered on the 27th, shipped on the 28th. Delivered on the 2nd, which I learned when I finally gave in to impatience and went online to track the package. !@*%#!. KnitPicks was very kind to send out a duplicate order, so I guess the only thing I'm out is time, but still. That's a chunk of time. And some @##%### probably left the !$%# box in a dumpster, because what are they going to do with a box of yarn?

I'm also glad I didn't order everything I need for Christmas knitting, because that would have been a lot bigger order.

Now I'm off to sit by my mailbox with a sniper rifle.