Little finish

Baby Bear needed a baby quilt:

and I needed to try out the right-angle stipple I wanted to use on the THERE. quilt.  

The reddish purples, the ones on the diagonal across the nine-patch, were all birthday fabric.  I have a quilt in mind for them, but because it was becoming clear that I won't be getting to that one for a while, I took them for a little spin here.  

The backing is birthday fabric, too, and I seriously love it and had no idea what to use it for before this opportunity presented itself.  I get to see it a lot this way, which is a nice bonus.  Baby Bear is getting a lot of covering-up love these days.   

That early-October holiday is a day off for me but not my kids, and I usually quilt my ass off.  This year, I spent the time regaining control of the crafting space/dining room.  It's nice and organized, but I piled a lot of stuff on the table and haven't been able to get up the momentum to get it off again and dig back into my big quilting projects.  I want to, and there are deadlines, but. ...  

So for now I'm knitting - two more friends are having babies (and soon!) and babies need blankets.  (I love it when friends have babies.  Friends, I will speak with you by phone approximately once every two years, and promise to visit sometime and then never do it, but by gum I will make you blankets when you have babies!)

The chevron blanket will be made of leftovers - the parents-to-be are going to find out the sex of their little one at birth, so I'm sticking to very neutral colors.  Not loving the gray and green together, but next will be blue, which may pep it up a bit.  And, depending on the blue I use, make it not-so-neutral any more.  The background wafflely blanket is in KP Swish in Twilight, which is a very nice blue, for a little baby boy #3.  

I've stuck a few things back up in my shop - just some socks and a pink folded-flower quilt.  So if your size-medium-women's feet are cold, or if you can't get enough of pink (or, uh, both?), check it out.  

Happy crafting!