Really all I wanted was just a simple garter stitch-ish pattern for a shawl for making my super overspun green handspun wearable.  I downloaded Mayhem (rav link) and discovered a challenging, fun, think-y shawl for people who are up for that sort of thing right now, which I am not.  I am forging onward despite basically slow-motion swimming through a sea of red flags (fancy cast-on! mirrored charts! needing to know what needle size you're using! argh!) purely because making a new decision about what to knit is simply too much work, which is a lot like deciding not to cancel a wine of the month club because you can't afford a stamp for the envelope*.

The positive side effect for the monumental effort it took to find a needle sizer is that I found some fabric I'd been looking for and a pair of socks that is finished except for the toe grafts that I had 100% forgotten I'd knit.  (Those were under a pair of socks that is finished except for the toe grafts that I did remember.)  I vaguely remember joking many years ago about knitting a pair of socks in a fugue, because I was supposed to be knitting something else.  It's nice that my mental deterioration is finally catching up with my alibis.  One of the many delightful benefits of growing older.  


Aaaanyway, what?  Oh, I finished a shawl:

This one was just my speed.  Stockinette, stockinette, stockinette, easy lace, deviate completely from the pattern and throw in a ruffle, and wham! shawl. 

Also happening:

Charm squares for another baby quilt, this one likely for the Etsy shop.  Let's just say that the color scheme is not my jam, although I do really like the purplish butterflies on pinkish background.  

What else, what else:

This is River Rocked on Shetland, I want to say?  Yeah?  That I tried really hard to not overspin in the singles but then plied to the fullest extent remotely reasonable.  We'll see how that turns out, still working on some singles.  

And another thing:

Nest Superwash Merino

Frabjous Fibers Superwash Merino
I'm squirreling away bits of pretty fiber for the Tour de Fleece, which happens in July.  I may not a) be able to wait until July, or b) remember, once July rolls around, that I was supposed to be doing the Tour de Fleece.  The second one was a result of the logic of: can't behave well in the car, huh?  Well, we're passing WEBS, so let's see if you won't embarrass me in public!  Ha!  Because at least then I'll have some fiber!  

Come for the poorly-lit pictures of basic projects, stay for the professional-grade parenting tips, is what I say.  

Happy crafting, everyone.  

*Where in this analogy, money = mental energy.  Case in point, in that last sentence, I spelled the last four words wrong 2-5 times each before typing them correctly.  No 'e' in analogy!  Not anywhere!