FO: Christmas Medallion

I finished this quilt a few months ago, and finally gave it to my mom last month.  It was a surprise (Merry Christmas!) and she reads the blog, so there was no posting about it. I wanted to do something as spectacular as I could manage, so I chose a medallion quilt with spiral quilting. 

And now, for lots of pictures:

So finished!

Just started!

The middle!  A ribbon star and pinwheels

Making trees!

More trees

I have a tutorial for the 6" finished evergreen block I made up.  Will post that soon. 

Preparing pieces for the economy block border

Peppermint idea shamelessly stolen from Good Golly Ginger

Top finished
Spiral quilting
Wobbly center
The back!  

My mom had recently left a box full of old fabric, a lot of which was Christmas-themed.  There was a lot of fabric, so there's a bit more left over, even after making another very simple little throw.  

So glad to finally post this.  Linking up with Finish it Up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts. 

Happy crafting!