FO: Twin Quilt 1

The fabric for Twin Quilt 2 arrived the day I put the final stitches in Twin Quilt 1.  The twins may be coming home from the hospital as soon as a week from now, so I'd best get my Twin Quilt 2 on. 

Man, I hadn't realized how little turnaround time I have.  As I was stitching the binding down, it struck me how long that takes.  It takes a long time.  And it's funny to see how stiff these quilts are when they're first done - our two are so broken in that it's hard to remember when they weren't completely floppy. 

I had a hard time making fabric decisions for this quilt - I still kind of feel like the colors are almost random and don't cohere well, but I guess they kind of do.  There's some overlap of all the colors in the multicolored blocks.  The binding is a Kona dark purple, which I thought I'd run out of, then I ordered a beet red from Connecting Threads hoping it would be about the same, then I found and used a bunch more of the Kona purple, and then the fabric came and it was way the wrong color.  Ta-da! 

This is the first quilt I've put a bunny label on.  My mom recently gave me leftover fabric from the gingham patchwork quilt that my aunt made for me before I was born, and the bunnies were the backing. I decided to use the bunnies to make labels for all the baby quilts I can - a little piece of my beloved quilt going to all the new little babies.  Have been wondering if I could find any more of it. 

This is Twin Quilt 2 in its first stages.  I'm using Luna Sol Connecting Threads charms for this one.  I made an attempt to use the Acorn Park line, but my hope is to have as wide a color range as the first quilt, as well as as many focus fabrics as the first, and that just wasn't happening with my stash and Acorn Park.  I'll lose the solids here and add lots of other focus fabrics to flesh this one out. The border will be the moon fabric at the bottom right. 

I'm a bit in love with the light blue bunnies on the dark background - might get some more of that.  

Will link up with Finish It Up Friday when it's time. 

Happy crafting! 

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Susan said...

I love the little bunnies going on all your baby quilts. Such a lovely idea.