Craft Like You're Being Chased by a Bear

I am on vacation!  Today is the first official day of my vacation, and I have spent the morning sewing with the intensity of a person being chased by a bear.  This was mildly uncomfortable, so I went for a jog and pretended I was being chased by an actual (lazy and slow) bear, and that worked out some of the energy, but not all of it, so back to the grind.  

Right now I have some terrible pictures to show you of Child 2's Big Girl Quilt.  

Here's my design wall, which I have recently been chastised for:  

Apparently some people can't look at three separate quilts in order to give feedback of the one on top.  Noted, but there's very little I can do about it at this point, especially given that that same person would probably object to me covering the rest of the walls upstairs with batting, so. The Red Tumbler quilt is on top, and it's just the red or reddish pieces. 

Here's the bottom half of the quilt, spread out on the back of the Gorilla Quilt, draped on the couch.  I honestly don't know how people work without design walls - I can't visualize for squat, so I have to lay eeeeeverything out to see how it looks, then mutter to myself as I move the pieces around.  

 This morning I got all of the rows sewn together (thereby unearthing the triangle quilt underneath, as well as getting lots of those triangles sewn together, too).  Now I'm taking an eating and blogging break, and I have to decide what to focus on for the afternoon crafting frenzy.  

Happy Crafting!  Don't let that bear get you. 

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