FO: Hexagon Tetris Land

When I was on maternity leave, I spent a lot of time looking at quilting blogs and collecting tutorials to return to someday.  There are probably enough to keep me busy for years.  When I'm thinking about new quilts, I go through the list, and on the last pass-through, this one caught my eye.  It's from the Festival of Hexagons, a tutorial from acraftyfox

By far my favorite part is the label - this little hexagon didn't make the cut for the front, because there wasn't enough contrast between the hexagon and the neutrals - it just looked like a random vine.   But there was just enough room for writing, and I think it's adorable. 

The back is a batik-y thing that I've had for ages.  It has a nice hand and is thick and sturdy, but I confess that I find it terribly ugly.  This used up nearly all of it - go, austerity!  This will be a wallhanging, so I don't expect it to see the light of day much.  

To quilt it, I wanted to have undulating sort of waves that sort of echoed but got distorted along the way.  It didn't come out exactly as I wanted it to, but it's pretty close.  I got my FMQ foot out for the first time in a long time just recently, and was surprised at how much I enjoyed the process of FMQing this, even if I'm out of practice.  

Tomorrow I'll wash it and get it hung up. 

Quilt Facts:

Title: Hexagon Tetris Land
Batting: 100% cotton Hobbs, either organic or not (can't remember which scraps I pulled from)
Thread: C&C 100% polyester, white
Backing: ancient stash batik
Yay!: scrappy neutrals
Doh: herky jerky starts and stops in FMQ
Number of Meta-Hexagon fabric included: 3

Yay, Finish It Up Friday is back!  Linky linky

Happy crafting! 

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