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Working on the Weathervane.

Decided to hand quilt it because I hate finishing stuff. 

Fussy cut tree in the center
The back is pieced from a half-yard that I liked a lot better online than in person (top), a FQ from a bundle that I can't stand the color of (middle), and some of the Connecting Threads yardage that I backed the Rainy Quilt with. 

It would be helpful to not have seams to deal with on the back for hand quilting, but I'm glad to use up stash that I don't really like.  The colors look nice together, it's just not to my taste. 

I've also started a quilt for my brother that is my design, and that I'm really excited about.  Once there's something more to look at, I'll post some pictures - right now it's just bits of white and gray fabric. 

Happy crafting!

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