March WIPs

The Carmarthen mittens are done, and they're very pretty, and they're huge. 

 My beloved owl mittens have sprung a leak right in the middle of the pad of the right thumb, so when it was 3 degrees Fahrenheit (that's right) one morning this week, I went ahead and wore the Carmarthen.  They are indeed too big to be practical, which is disappointing.  They might be just the right size for a gift for someone, but I'm not sure yet. 

The Weathervane Quilt is coming along.  As I worked on the blocks, I was convinced that this was going to be the single most beautiful thing I've ever made, but then I got them up onto the design wall and am not as psyched. 

Value strikes again, I guess.  I did some B&W pictures to try to distribute the values better, and sitting here looking at this picture makes me want to make a few more changes before I keep sewing.  Next up is some sashing with cornerstones.  

Finally, there's this weird thing.  

This is based on the hexachevragon tutorial at acraftyfox.net with an asymmetrical border that I'm adding.  I can't decide if the border says, "Interesting attempt to add motion to the design and achieve balance with asymmetry" or "My hexagon ruler can make a bunch of different sizes!"  I've dug deep to not repeat any orange fabrics in the big hexagons, piecing several pieces together from scraps from the orange tumbler quilt, and I'm really enjoying the scrappiness of the neutrals.  

Just have the top border to finish on this one, then it can be basted and quilted.  The design wall here is the batting that will be used in the quilt, and there is a batik-ish reddish orangish bit of fabric I've had forever that is just the right size for the back.  

Happy crafting!

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Susan said...

Those are beautiful mittens! Sigh, since your hands are bigger than mine, I guess they won't fit me. :(