Yay for Slidey Ramp

I've written 74% of three different blog posts in my head, and have 11 minutes in which to get it all down, and it doesn't seem like it's going to go well.  Off we go! 


I finished the blanket!  It's snuggly warm, we're still living in a frozen hellscape, and yay.  Decided to do the garter edge when it seemed like I'd have plenty of yarn left over then had about 8" of yarn left over.  Close enough! 


Now starts Austerity.  On this wallhanging, I used up a lot of the cotton-covered cotton/mystery white bobbins that are proving unfit for bed quilts that get pulled on a lot.  (By which I mean every night I listen to my quilting on the Mail Order Gorilla quilt popping and gnash my teeth.) 

I pieced the back from several neutral remnants. 


Sometimes I wish that Finish it Up Friday were Stick a Fork in it Sunday.  I finished the gradient quilt on Sunday and then didn't want to post about it until Friday, so then I got confused and wandered around and then finished this cowl, of which I had knit all but the bindoff about four years ago:  

It's so pretty, and warm, and I'm not sure why I left that sitting for so long.  


In working on the green/purple/black jewel box quilt, I discovered that I hadn't made enough purple hsts or b/w 4-patches, now that you mention it, and the idea of making more of those blocks was unappealing.  So I designed three more quilts and then cut the fabric I'd been avoiding, plus fabric for a coordinating wallhanging.  


Weathervane.  I've worked on this all day - it's Random Day Off Day, and I've squeezed every drop of quilting time out of it.  Couldn't go on.  

Paper plate system shamelessly stolen from Tales of Ineptitude.  Those three little scraps of white in the middle are what remain of my big stash of plain white fabric, soooo.  Austerity's going to be hard.  I've got a bit to spend with which to stock up on stuff, but then it'll be nothing except birthday/Christmas generosity.  

Happy crafting!

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