FO: Get Along, Green

Well, it's all over but the sawing. 

Of the dowel rod, that is.  

Think I could've done better with the color placement, especially in the blue-to-green range - I let my shapes dictate where each piece went and it ended up not being a terribly smooth color transition.  The green to yellow is dire, but I don't like the colors in that range very much, so it's not surprising there weren't many scraps there. 

Bound the quilt in Kona Jade left over from the Mail-Order Gorilla - squeaked by with just enough, which was nice. 

This was the fastest hanging sleeve ever.  Thank goodness for fugly why-do-I-own-this fabrics - there's no sense in spending $9/yard for a hanging sleeve.  This one was the perfect size selvage to selvage, so I left them on (no folding and sewing down) and didn't sew the sleeve to itself, just stuck it in place as I sewed the binding to the front so it caught on the back.  

I've seen tutorials that call for basting the hanging sleeve about as much as you will need ease for the dowel to go through, but whenever I can avoid basting I do.  My trick is to put the dowel in, pin it into place so that the fabric lies flat against the back of the quilt, and then sew it down binding-style. 

Quilt shows would probably not be impressed, but that's okay.  Have not yet decided where this one will live - it may go with me to my office, or it may spruce up my very bare bedroom.  

Quilt Facts:

Finished Size: 19.25"x43"
Batting: Yes, definitely batting
Thread: White mystery thread, some cotton/cotton, others probably not

And now I will give in to the urge to go through my scrap bin and cut a bunch of white and close-to-white scraps into 2.25"x4.5" strips.  That seems like the kind of urge one would regret jumping on. 

Happy crafting!

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a maidenhair fern said...

Not impressed? you're crazy. I think the color placement looks great. I am so doing this, going to start collecting the scraps today. Thanks for sharing.