In hopes of finishing the baby's blanket for her birthday, I worked on it for several evenings.  Took it to work and got a lot done on it during a rare hour-and-a-half phone call, then forgot it as I ran out of the office for the evening two nights in a row.  It occurred to me to be worried that I may not finish it before winter ends, but at the rate we're going, there will be plenty of frozen hellscape left in which to enjoy a snuggly new blanket.  Meanwhile, she's turning one and has no concept of a birthday or birthday gift, so it'll get finished soon and I'll give it to her when it's done and that will be fine.  

The purple and green quilt is coming along - three blocks are together and more are laid out. 

I'm working hard to accept that this quilt will be a slow plod - I'm working really hard to match up points and edges, and the third block looks better than the first.  Once I finished the first block, I considered making it bigger by a block in each direction, and then I considered the work it would take to do that and gave right up.  When I realized how slowly this one was going, I went with a whim and started a new quilt. 

And then when I forgot the baby blanket, I spent an evening piecing the back from light-colored remnants, and then I forgot it again and this happened:

This involved lots of spray baste, which you're supposed to use in a well-ventilated space.  I'm pretty sure a cozy little house in the dead of the aforementioned frozen hellscape totally counts.  

I plan to quilt it with close parallel lines running horizontally - not close enough to be matchstick, but maybe 1/4".  After I finish knitting the blanket.  Yeah.  

Happy crafting!

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