A mitten story

For a harrowing and difficult eight days, I couldn't find my right Owl Mitten.  (Pictured below, right)

Worse, the eight days fell during the small window of time during the year that I focus, finally and in a panic, on making gifts for my loved ones.  I was in a sea of I'll-never-be-knitting-anything-but-felted-slippers-again-much-less-quilting-omggg.  

I got through this dark time by carrying mitten yarn with me and winding it into balls while making phone calls at work.  

Turns out I don't spend so much time on the phone at work.

I also asked for some more mitten yarn (Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift) for Christmas.  Then I found the mitten at work. 

Two pairs of felted slippers later (yeah, it was only two pairs, but one pair was team-knit in three days), I dove right into a new pair of mittens with the new Christmas yarn. 

Two rounds into the new pair of mittens, I decided that next Christmas will be the Christmas on which I will give all my loved ones colorwork mittens.  Not this pair, of course, or the ones from the green and black yarn above, because all that yarn was given to me as a gift, so it doesn't feel right to give it away.  I'll just knock out this blue and black pair first, then knock out 5 more pairs, then do the green and black pair.  Never have to worry about not having backup mittens again.  

Oh, and also, the stupid plastic mittens that we bought for the bigger kid are an ordeal to get on and can't be any fun to play in, so she'll need a pair of handknit ones, too.  So that's eight pairs, then.  

And there is now fabric and a rough plan for two more quilts. 

Tune in Christmas, 2015 to see how this glorious Mittens for Everyone! Plan turns out.   

Happy crafting!

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Susan said...

Yea for the found mitten! And yea for next Christmas!