WIP - flower quilt

This is a WIP post, where "WIP" stands for "What In the name of all that is holy are you triPping on, and where can I get some, because I, too, wish to make fugly art quilts."  


This, above, is what I started with.  It's really my first shot at improv piecing, if you could call it that.  The first solution to this mess that popped into my head was to cut each piece down by half an inch per side, because if it had to be fugly, at least  there could be less of it.  

Instead, I spent my precious last two hours of quilting time for awhile unpicking and redoing to come up with this:

And, wow.  Still so bad.  

If you were to make a ranked list of my intelligence and talents, the ability to remember where I left the chocolate (choco-spatial) intelligence would be easily in the top three, and any other spatial pieces would be way, way down in the 700s or so.  After things like my cooking ability, dexterity with small talk, or facility driving backwards.  

The driving backwards thing may actually be related, though (ahhaha, I have crashed into SO MANY THINGS driving backwards!).  Do you know how many attempts it took me to get one of those pieces lined up so that the yellow-edged triangle was at the angle I wanted?  Four.  Four separate times I added a piece of fabric onto the edge, thinking that once it was attached, I'd be able to cut a 4" square out of it.  And, to ice this Cake of Pathos, there's about 1/16th" that's just going to have to be eaten in the seam allowance.  

I have no idea how I'm going to quilt it.  

Let's move on!  Here's a baby blanket I just completed.  

Pattern is Blake's Baby Blanket, yarn is KnitPicks Swish in Dove Heather.  It's crazy soft and went through the washer and dryer well the first time.  For once I did well estimating how many to cast on given the desire for a blanket taller than it is wide and the amount of yarn I had.  Then it turned out I'd ordered six balls when I thought I'd ordered five, so I could've made it bigger.  Grumble.  

Happy crafting! 

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Susan said...

I love the quilt. And I love your writing. And we can work on that driving backwards thing.