A Mini for Spotted Guy

My last finish for a bit here is this mini quilt made from mini tumblers left over from the back of the twin-sized tumbler quilt.  

The top was a leaders-and-enders project and the back is from a half-yard that I got for the big tumblers but turned out to be more brownish than orangeish. 

It looks orangeish here, but I swear it's brownish. 
I practiced my stitch-in-the-ditch on this, using orange thread on the front and white on the back.  Meant to practice sewing down bias binding on this one, but then I ended up doing the big quilt first.  

Four minis and the twin-sized quilt all got navy binding. After the first night of hand sewing, I got an impressive callous on my right middle finger pad, so I declared myself the Jimi Hendrix of sewing down navy binding.  It is the only thing I ever plan to be the Jimi Hendrix of, so I made sure to enjoy it. 

And an action shot:

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Happy crafting!

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Heather Graves said...

I love this! Navy was a great binding choice