If Things Were Different

Pretty soon after I picked quilting back up, I sketched this mini quilt and the quilting pattern out.  

Adding some medium blues to the darks and lights from my stash, I got a gradient that I ended up pretty happy with, although there was a lot of standing as far away as possible and looking through red film and rearranging. 

This is another one-of-two minis - the second will be for my mom (she already has the socks on the same theme), and I plan to finally admit that I need to mark quilting lines if they need to turn out straight. 

This was my first time quilting with perle cotton 8, which turns out nicely, but was really hard to hand quilt with using whatever embroidery needle that was around. 

I'm linking up again to Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it Up Friday.  

Happy crafting!

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Carie said...

Oh that looks beautiful - such gorgeous colours in both the socks and the quilt!