Nap!! Ahhhh!

Here's how my design wall looked this morning.  Very sad.  I'm tempted to start a project I'll have no hope of finishing for four years, just to have something to look at. 

And then the baby fell asleep, and I swung into crazy, hopeful action.  As I'd mentioned, I have no handy UFOs that I could pull out and work on in a staid, leisurely way.  No pretty stack of blocks or thing all basted and ready to quilt.  No, I have the wall hanging needing about 30 hours of hand quilting and the quilt top that turned out bigger than my kitchen. 

It has FINALLY stopped going below zero at night, which means summer's coming, which means it's time for a lightweight bed quilt, which means: quilt top bigger than the kitchen, come on down!!

So the dining room got cleared out for a bit and I confronted the two lengths of Kona in Natural that are slated for the backing, couldn't find the pieces I'd cut for the pieced backing, got wise and scrapped that plan anyway, decided to piece the backing vertically instead, and got to trimming, ironing, and piecing. 

The dog helped immensely.  

And now my design wall is pretty again. 

Okay, so I cleared out the dining room so that I could lay out the quilt top and lay the backing pieces on top of it.  I needed to measure the top anyway, and don't trust my ability to work out the piecing in my head.  This helped me see that piecing vertically would work much better. 

I don't know how all these awesome quilters manage such big quilts.  Maybe it gets easier with practice?  Does anyone have tips for handling pieces of fabric over 44"?  Clearing out my dining room is about all I've got at the moment. 

Next steps will be ironing the colorful strip and then sewing the back together.  And then... basting.  And then... quilting.  Hoo boy. 

Happy crafting!

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