I prefer "meticulous"

Today's morning naptime found me ironing the top of the gorilla quilt.  In little cracks here and there over the past few days, I managed to piece and press the back. 

I also used thread snips to clean up the block edges and a piece of masking tape to pull off any stray dog hair.   It was taking forever, so I flipped it over to check and see if stray threads were showing through the front.  They weren't.  Did I stop clipping?

 I did not. 

So the dining room is in a, shall we say, unreasonable state for a family of four plus dog.  There's batting on top of the back now, which is also taped down already.  But the batting is not flat, it needs to be smoothed out, which is proving difficult.  I may move it and cut down 3 sides instead of two - there's not enough extra along the edge for any size quilt I'll be making anytime soon anyway. 

For that exercise, I should find my Decent scissors (as opposed to the Good scissors and the Crappy scissors). 

Okay, turns out I'm liveblogging!  Or whatever it's called when you write updates but don't publish them all until the end.  Baby Overlord seemed sleepy and slept for a bit longer while I Tasmanian Deviled around the dining room. 

So, I got smarter and moved the whole piece of batting to the other side and cut along two sides as originally planned.  And then I got very smart and figured out which was the long edge of the top before laying it out wrong.  Folded it in half, put the center point at the center of the strip of color in the backing, and smoothed out the top from there. 

THERE ARE SAFETY PINS IN IT.  I'm not done basting, but it's started and I'm cautiously optimistic that I can get the basting done and the thing off the floor before family starts getting home. Bub's out again, so it's back to basting. 

Happy crafting!

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