Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

Another Friday Finish!  I won't be able to keep this up much longer, but it's been fun.

This is a strip quilt, done using Molli Sparkles's tutorial for string piecing without a foundation.  I varied the width of the strips to maximize scrappiness.  I wanted my finished squares to end at 5", which they almost did.  His tutorial yields 3.5" finished squares, so based on careful math, I determined I'd need my initial fabric strip to be... bigger. 

My math was totally correct, but then I did something wrong making the first cut of the second set of cuts (perpendicular to the first set) and was left with a couple pieces that were almost squares, but not. 

Scrappy back - this shot shows the quilting better than the ones of the front.

The back is something of a mess, but it's a thrifty mess.  I threw together a second set of strips, cut more squares that were fully squares, and finished the main part of the top.  Then it sat on my design wall for a while, until I made a decision about borders. 

My favorite block is the top left.

At first I was thinking about a checkerboard using the darker fabrics of the strips but decided that the center of the quilt was busy enough that the border needed more of a "Go home, quilt, you're drunk" vibe.  So the plain white-on-white is like a place for the eye to rest/a lamppost to lean against on the stagger home. 

Quilting detail
Having not thought at all about the quilting until it was basted, I decided to quilt a spiral out from the center of each square.  After burying the brillion ends of the ticker tape quilt, a few dozen no longer seems like a lot.  I used to go to great lengths to avoid stopping and starting in the middle - no longer!  Then I stitched some straight lines in the border.  As I turned onto the second side, I couldn't remember what part of the presser foot I was measuring against.  Guessed wrong, repeated the mistake on the other end of the quilt, and called it a design element. 

The binding is a 13-color floral print from JoAnn's that I've had for years.  It's used in the top, too, and I liked how it was dark enough to provide a nice frame for the quilt, but still variegated.  I sewed over half of it down in the car on a long trip to and from the vet yesterday.  Not sure me + sewing needle + moving car is the best combination, but it did help me finish in time for this post. 

If I ever make another quilt this way, I'll use thinner strips - the biggest finished at a bit over 2", and I like the effect more when they're under 2". 

Linking again to Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish It Up Friday. 

Happy crafting!


Shauna said...

super cute, love the colors and that scrappy back is perfect

Quilt Musings said...

LOVE the back!! Not a mess at all! The front is beautiful too, I just had to say I think the back is great first ;)

Kathy@KayakQuilting said...

Lovely colors! Your quilting is terrific! Just like you planned!!