The very longest pass

I've been continuing to grab moments here and there for quilting.  A few nights ago, I was quilting in the semi-dark in the hopes that the baby would fall asleep in the swing.  

It didn't work, but the backlighting from my machine was pretty. 

Last night, I finished the last rows of quilting I'd planned and rejoiced and admired.  Then I realized that these quilting lines are officially too far apart for the batting.  I decided to "think about" adding more - doubling the existing quilting, actually - by putting diagonal lines through the color blocks, too.  I knew I'd decide to do it, just needed some time to accept that I was only half-finished.

This morning, I did all of the lines in one direction.  I also ironed the yardage that will be binding and got to worrying about whether there will be enough of it.

Stuffing this sucker through the machine hasn't been as bad as I'd expected.  It's definitely difficult when I'm in the middle of the longest passes and a whole corner of the quilt is wedged in the throat, but there's still enough room to get my right hand under the bulk to hold onto the part being worked.  I go one square at a time and have gotten my machine going full speed for probably the first time ever.  Feels good.

Happy crafting!

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