Tern Socks!

Pattern: Tern at Twist Collective
Yarn: Sock Candy by Blue Moon in Denim (not currently on site)
Needles: size 2.25mm dpns and 9" circ

I haven't finished a pair of socks in a while (although I have eight socks otn at the moment), so I'm really glad to get these done. 

They should jump in the mail on Monday. 

I've been designing a new quilt in my head, although it's not quite worked out yet.  The Bliss quilt from the last post is quilted and ready to be bound, and I was hoping to wait to buy fabric for it but caved today and got some solid Kona red from JoAnn's.  Maybe once that's bound and finished, I'll be able to throw myself into the new project. 


Susan said...

Cool! I shall be waiting by the mailbox! :)

Audrey said...

How did you like working with the Sock Candy? Is it nicely stretchy or does it droop? I got some to make a pair of socks for the BF, but I haven't started yet. :)

Susan said...

The acorn socks tend to get slouchy after a short while. I don't know if it's the yarn or the pattern, which is a pretty open, loose pattern. After I wash them, they "tighten" up again. And they are very wearable.