L is for the way you look at me

This picture is dire, but the Bliss quilt is done and I am in L-O-V-E with it:

This was taken pre-wash; post-wash, we have a slight crinkle and even slightly softer flannel.  I'll take a better picture for the finished quilts page and maybe do some fancy stuff like measure it.  Maybe.  This was the first quilt that I didn't pre-wash some of the fabric (others I did, because it wasn't bought specifically for this quilt) and it did not bite me on the hindquarters.  Whew. 

I figured out a better system for quilting straight lines over open territory than squinting and sticking my tongue out a bit, but eventually, for stuff I want to sell, I'll need to cave and buy some tape for line marking. 

Sometimes it strikes me as funny that we quilters work so damn hard to press and fret over everything being completely flat and perfect, then quilt the thing, toss it in the washing machine, and then it's wrinkly for all eternity. 

Audrey asked in the comments about Sock Candy.  I can tell you that I like working with it and don't notice the elastic-y stretch nearly as much as working with a yarn like Cascade Fixation.  Mom, do you want to weigh in in the comments about how it wears?  (Not that you've gotten these socks yet, because, ah, they're still kind of in my possession.  Sorry!  Tomorrow is Errand Day and they will be on their way soon.)  (The brown acorn socks are the same yarn.  That's my point.  Yeah.) 

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Audrey said...

Thanks for the feedback. :) I hope you Mom chimes in too, once she receives the socks in question. Mine are due to be cast on next month, so I'll find out for myself soon enough!