And now for something completely different.

Well, first is the better picture of the last thing:

And now for something completely different.

I'm considering taking up spinning, but haven't committed yet.  So the next best thing, within easier reach at the moment, is crochet.  I've finished one successful baby blanket and have a gigantic crochet blanket going that's not going to be finished anytime soon.  I've wanted to try out amigurumi for a long time, but have never crocheted in the round, so I'm starting with a water bottle cozy. 

Yes.  I am making a water bottle cozy. 

It's called Terrarium, and it's a free download on Ravelry.

Here's a terrible, flashy picture of the bottom.  The yarn is Pagewood Farms Denali in the Leaf colorway, which is the most perfect green on the planet.  I got this in a total impulse buy when I had a rare chance to go back to my old yarn store.  I seriously debated whether a humble little water bottle cozy would be worth using this beautiful yarn on, and decided that it would be a better choice than socks, because I'll get to see it every day.  (I'm very attached to my water bottle.)  I hope it wears well. 

I also hope my quilting mojo returns someday. 

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