When my quilting mojo left, I turned to crochet to keep on being productive.  And voila, after four tries at the circular base, we now have water bottle cozy:

I haven't road-tested it yet, because of the holiday, but we will see tomorrow how it works.  I'm not sure about it, in terms of functionality.  It definitely is pretty, though.

I've got a million mindless socks on the needles, which is good in that I don't waste much sitting-around-waiting time, but not much for blog fodder.  The more complicated socks on the needles are temporarily abandoned.

This stole, Lump de Lump (actually One Skein - A Stole!), occupies that hazardous land between being interesting and being mindless.  Which is to say, it's kind of boring.  

In my effort to feel productive this weekend, it's gotten a lot of play and is probably over halfway done.  I think it will be lovely once it's finished and I can wear it (which of course won't be for about five months), but for now it's the project that I work on because I need something to work on.  One small problem with it is that I suspect that it will block to a much different size than it is now, but in which direction and how much, precisely, is difficult to guess.  So I'm not sure when, exactly, to stop. 

I went through my favorited patterns on Ravelry in order to move some stuff over to my queue, and ended up with a rash of pretty shawls on page six.  Perhaps one of those will move me to pick up the needles and cast on something new. 

Until then, wishing you better mojo than lives at my house right now. 

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