You are what you are and you ain't what you ain't

Greetings!  It's Saturday, which means quilting is happening again. 

Sometimes I marvel at how quickly something can go from a sketch on the page to pieces on the design wall:

In this case that may not have been such a great thing, because about five whirlygigs into this quilt, I thought of a modification that might add some interest to this rather basic top.  Oh well, another quilt for another day. 

When I was quilting several years ago, I built up quite a nice, pretty diverse stash.  It's rather short on light brown fabric (although I think in general the world is pretty short on light brown fabric) as well as pieces big enough to serve as backings.  So deep into the planning of this quilt, I realize I don't have anything for the back that would match or coordinate or look decent.  And most of the pieces of fabric that are represented here are getting pretty small.  Maybe there isn't even something suitable for the binding, although there's a weird not-purple-not-blue polka dot that there might be enough of for that.  A quick stop at the fabric store yesterday yielded a fat quarter of one of the purples you see here, as well as a good chunk of plain white fabric, but if I used that for the back I'd be right back in the same place of not having any for the quilt tops that I need white for. Also, plain white backs are boring.  

The values quilts (one of which is now in the shop) were all from stash, every fabric and thread of them.  Using a fugly dark green jungle (?) batik for the back of the one I'm keeping allowed me to use only stash, and because I intend it to be a wallhanging, that worked out well. 

So I'm thinking maybe this quilt needs some dark purple sashing and an interesting print for the back.  I also seem to have exhausted my stash's supply of unique purple prints for whirlygigs, so either I need more of those or the plan for this (square) top needs to be scuttled or significantly modified.  Not sure yet what I'm going to do, but a trip to the store seems to be in order. 

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