Snow Day II

Oh wow.  Most of our snow had melted and the driveway was ice and puddles yesterday morning.  Then rain turned to snow, about 26 hours ago, and it's still snowing.  Really really hard. 

Which means no work for me, no leaving the house, even, which means lots and lots of quilting.  I finished the values quilts, both of them, and mine is ready to hang.  Or, because I neglected to sew on hanging sleeves, tack to the wall.  I love sewing the binding down by hand, but hate sewing on hanging sleeves.  Not super logical, but that's how it is. 

They're in the wash now, probably being ripped to shreds and bleached beyond recognition.  (Why do I think the washer is out to destroy my stuff?  Hard to say, but the belief hasn't faded after one successful washing.  Maybe two will do it.) 

Knitting is also happening!  This is my Multnomah shawl:

in BMFA silkie, ST-1 colorway.  Love that garter stitch. 

Not sure what to do now.  My gorilla quilt could use some work - I've got a bunch of pieces cut for the backing, so maybe putting that all together is up next.  I've got a couple more quilt designs in my head and ready to go, except I need more white fabric.  Will probably make Connecting Threads my go-to for solid white.  I used that for Cartoon Pinball, and it's surprisingly soft and not as sheer as the Kona muslin I used for the gorilla.  But unless they can beam it here, there's not much to get done on new tops today. 

I'll do my best to get the values quilt up in the shop today, assuming it survives its bath.  

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