I do like sashing.

After a trip to JoAnn's,there is now Kona cotton in Imperial Purple outlining all the blocks, and the top is done. 

Now to smush with the batting and backing, for which I chose a nice purple with butterflies and flowers.  It came out to be about 40"-ish by 50"-ish, but I don't plan to pre-shrink the batting this time, so it will probably lose some length in its first wash.  I haven't been able to go to Art Day for a long time, but am making the trip back next weekend, and my goal was to have this to take with me and quilt.  Looks like I might be into another top by the time I get to quilt this.  That's good, because it will give me time to figure out what the best quilting pattern might be.  Right now I'm at a loss. 

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