New on the Design Wall

I have been cutting and cutting and cutting.

I finally finished the cutting this afternoon, and now it's time to start the piecing. On the values quilts, the piecing took seven forevers and the quilting took seven minutes, so I'm hoping that in this case, the piecing and quilting won't take as long as the cutting has.

The top part of that picture, with the colorful mess, is for the back of the gorilla. The bottom part is going to become a purple and green top.  It turns out I have a lot of green fabric.  Not so much with the purple, but enough to eke out enough bits to make this top sufficiently patchy.  I hope.  There's always this part of the design process where I realize with a crash how different things look when in fabric than in colored pencil on graph paper. 

For this quilt, a duplicate will not go into the shop, so I've abandoned any attempt for commercial appeal.  The back of the quilt will be that medium blue plaid that matches positively nothing on the front.  Because I like it. 

I've been reading all about curved edges from a blogger that I can't quite remember off the top of my head, so I'm thinking that this one will have curved edges.  Why not, right? 

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