In browsing through Ravelry and various other places, I found this lovely scarf (Rav link) and these lovely socks (see Socks of Kindness in Sundara s.y.). I had given up on the idea of the scarf in it, because it's only 400 yards, but smelinda ended up with way more than enough yardage for the pattern, so it's back in the running.

Given this yarn:

And given that I don't plan on buying very much Sundara s.y.(*cough*$$$$*cough*) and given that I want to have about 30 yards left over to make a mitered blanket square...

What do you think I should do?

Feel free to leave impassioned arguments for one or the other, alternative suggestions, or creative insults in the comments.

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Corvi said...

Beautiful yarn! The scarf is pretty, but the socks are fantastic. I voted socks.